Full Profile - Abdulmajeed Alsultan

Abdulmajeed Alsultan 

PhD Candidate
International student from Saudi Arabia

Area of Interest: Urban traffic network design

Transportation plays vital role in many areas of life, in fact everyone uses at least one mode of transport every day. But transportation systems have economic, social and environmental impacts at many levels. The transport system in my country, Saudi Arabia, is going through changes and improving rapidly, and I’d like to be part of that change.

In my research I am using transport modelling software to gain a better understanding of some of the more serious problems related to transportation, like traffic congestion, pollution, and high accident rates. I plan to apply the knowledge and skills I gain from my study at UNSW Australia back home.

Choosing University of New South Wales was easy. Firstly it is one of the Group of Eight universities, plus it has a fantastic reputation, especially in my area of transport with the rCITI group based right here in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering. There is always something going on and new things to learn every day related to transportation.

The most challenging part of my research was actually identifying and formulating the research problem and knowing which direction to take. Luckily the academic staff have been extremely helpful and encouraging and they are leading practitioners in transport and traffic engineering.

UNSW has great facilities for students, for both study and social activities, in fact while I have been here I have met so many people from different countries and backgrounds. And being in Sydney is also wonderful, it is such a great city and a great place to live.