Full Profile - Alex Karki

Alex Karki 

Masters by Research
Local student from Sydney, Originally from Nepal

Area of Interest: Parking Optimisation

After studying a Bachelor of Engineering at UNSW, I started working full-time in traffic engineering for local government. In my job I have noticed that there is a distinct research gap in industry practice in understanding the local parking and traffic issues.

I never thought I would be back at UNSW again after my undergraduate degree, but when the university established a world class research centre in traffic engineering (rCITI) I thought I would apply to do my PhD to try to fill in the gaps I had identified at work.

My area of research is looking at the parking and traffic issues faced by local government. It’s been a challenge learning the statistical methodologies and applying them to get a better understanding of parking issues. But it’s been worth it and I am thrilled to be back doing my part-time research degree. It’s flexible and challenging at the same time.