Full Profile - Alireza Ahmadian Fard Fini

Alireza Ahmadian Fard Fini

PhD Candidate
International student from Iran

Area of Interest: Predicting delay and minimizing its impact in construction context

I worked for ten years on large-scale construction projects.  During that time I witnessed some very challenging aspects of construction – like unsatisfactory performance, schedule overruns and budget blowouts. My academic background in project management led me to consider the discontinuity of construction processes and the need for in-depth research into new theories to improve the condition of the industry.

Deciding to further my education in the field of construction engineering and management, I applied to UNSW Australia. As one of the world’s top ranked, I believe the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering is the great place to undertake groundbreaking research to help overcome the challenges of real world obstacles. Here I am surrounded by a large body of academics whose cutting-edge knowledge and experience is inspiring and challenging me in my research and teaching me more about the latest advancements in research methods.

I am working with the rCITI group, whose members have really added their strength in innovation and mathematical modelling to my construction research. This type of collaboration available to PhD students at UNSW is a fantastic career building block which is sure to enrich my future.