Full Profile - David Arbis

David Arbis

PhD Candidate
Local student from Sydney

Area of Interest:  Modelling Strategic Interactions of Driver Manoeuvres

I have always found it fascinating how human behaviour affects systems of traffic and transportation, particularly with regards to safety. That’s why I chose to study this very issue for my PhD. 

My research looks at really understanding the thought processes and interactive decision making of individuals so that measures can be developed to address them. I am intrigued by the mathematical methodologies that are used in traffic and transportation engineering – and how they can be applied in other fields such as medical research, marketing, political science and economics.

I chose the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering at UNSW because it is among the top ranking civil engineering schools in Australia. The traffic and transport engineering academics at rCITI are extremely diverse, very approachable and renowned in their fields, and they inspire and support me every day.

Doing a research degree really tests your ability to think deeply and persevere. There are times when you really question what you are doing, but if you can get through those periods you become clearer about your objectives and direction.

Recently, I was lucky enough recently to travel to Washington D.C. to present at a conference. It was an invaluable opportunity for me to meet and converse with academics and industry practitioners from all over the world about my research and academic interests.

One thing I really like about UNSW and the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering is that everyone knows each other on a first-name basis. We all work hard and because of that everyone is also willing to party hard as well come Friday afternoon!