Full Profile - Edward Robson

Edward Robson

PhD Candidate
Local student from Sydney

Area of Interest: General equilibrium modelling for urban transport projects and policies

All my life I've loved to build things. I used to spend countless hours playing with lego, drawing maps and planning cities in SimCity. When I left high school, I chose to study Engineering and Commerce so that one day I could be a transport planner, and make some of my ideas a reality.

When I actually started working in the field, I realised my schemes would need some theoretical backup, which is why I began research into developing models for the evaluation of my designs.

Transport networks provide the backbones of cities, enabling them to grow and prosper. I find that there's a certain energy to it that keeps me fascinated, and I'm doing everything I can to be a part of the process.

In the five and a half years I spend doing my undergraduate degrees at UNSW Australia I made many good friends and kept in contact with academics at the School. By the time I decided to do a PhD, I knew the team was growing, was highly experienced, and had some of the world's foremost experts in transport. It was a natural choice.

Once I started, I found that best of all, it's a truly collaborative and friendly environment, with great sharing of information and a smile on everyone's face. Each person is encouraged to study what most interests them, and is able to find help should the need arise.