Full Profile - Kiran Shakeel

Kiran Shakeel

Masters by Research
Local student from Sydney, Originally from Pakistan

Area of Interest: Modelling mode and route choice behaviour with adaptive data collection

After completing a BE in Civil Engineering I worked overseas for more than four years in transportation and engineering. During that time I became interested in analysing novel methods of managing the traffic demand on road networks.

I realised that I wanted to expand my current knowledge and so I looked for opportunities to study overseas. I chose the UNSW (University of New South Wales) Australia because it is ranked in the top fifty universities of the world for engineering, and it is the only university in Sydney that has a well-established Research Centre for Integrated Transport Innovation (rCITI).

The best thing about UNSW is that it is very well recognised by employers. The employment rate for graduates is phenomenal for both undergraduate and postgraduate students – so it’s an excellent boost from a career point of view.

The thing I’ve found most challenging about my research is interacting with the students and faculty regarding the survey for my thesis. Since I am new to Australia, I need to study the culture to be able to collect effective data. But the academics and other students are very helpful and encouraging.