Full Profile - Mohammad Nurul Hassan

Mohammad Nurul Hassan

PhD Candidate
Local student from Sydney, originally from the Bangladesh

Area of Interest: transport modelling and public transportation.

It was during my undergraduate degree that I became interested in Transportation Planning, and after graduating I spent seven years working as a transportation professional and researcher in the United Arab Emirates University. I worked in several areas of transportation engineering and planning, including transport modelling and public transportation.

When I was searching for a PhD program in Australia, I checked out the ranking of the civil engineering schools and found UNSW Australia to be one of the best universities in this field of study. When I looked further I found that the UNSW had its own dedicated transportation research centre, rCITI. There were excellent academics and researchers who were doing great things in transportation research – and I thought ‘that’s where I want to be’.

Now I’m here I find the most challenging aspect is maintaining the quality of my research because UNSW sets a very high standard. But because my colleagues at rCITI are incredibly encouraging, friendly and cooperative when it comes to advice and help, keeping my research standard high is much easier.

At rCITI don’t always just do research and study, in fact we are involved in sports activities, and enjoy movies and other social events. It really helps to make life very interesting at UNSW.