Full Profile - Mohana Naga Sai Chand Chakka

Mohana Naga Sai Chand Chakka 

PhD Student 
International student from India

Area of Interest: Transport Network Modelling, Dynamic Traffic Assignment, Traffic Safety

As a child, I used to look at the timetables of trains in India, their origins and destinations, and travel times and then try to calculate the speeds of different trains on particular routes. Later, I became transfixed with the chaotic nature of Indian traffic conditions and ever-increasing number of accidents leading to many casualties every year. It was therefore no surprise that I chose to study transport and take it on as a career.

I decided to do my PhD at the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering at UNSW Australia for many reasons. Primarily it was because of the dedicated Research Centre for Integrated Transport Innovation (rCITI) which is full of young ambitious academics, and which has research and consultancy relationships with many prestigious organisations. It meant that I would be exposed to the latest and greatest innovation in transport.

At UNSW I am currently involved with a project in which we are building a Dynamic Traffic Assignment Model for Greater Sydney Metroplitan Area. Implementing this on large scale urban network is a challenging task and requires solid teamwork, so I am fortunate enough to work with a number of other students who have the same research interests as me.

There’s never a dull moment at UNSW. rCITI organises seminars or guest lectures every fortnight which help the students get to know about what their fellow researchers are up to. There are also journal club meetings every fortnight where the students discuss a specific research paper and share ideas.

The students at UNSW are from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds. By being part of this university, I have got the opportunity to meet many people, share ideas, learn about their traditions and, of course, try some new and different cuisines!.

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