Full Profile - Sisi Jian

Sisi Jian

PhD Candidate
International student from China

Area of Interest: Network modelling

I’ve always been interested in how transport affects our daily life in so many ways. That’s why I decided to do my PhD in transport. Research has the potential to improve our quality of life by addressing things like traffic congestion problems, increasing use of public facilities, and planning sustainable development of transport to name but a few.

I decided on UNSW Australia because it has a reputation as one of the best universities in Australia, especially considering its strength in engineering. There is also a dedicated transport research centre at UNSW, called rCITI.

Currently I am studying a phenomenon known as ‘carshare’. This is an alternative to private vehicle ownership that allows a relatively large group of members to access a relatively small fleet of shared-use vehicles for a specific purpose. It can be compared to car rental, but users can use the cars for a short period, normally calculated by the hour.

The aim of carshare is to provide a positive impact on urban mobility in many ways – by reducing vehicle ownership, improving auto utilisation rate, benefiting public transport systems, allowing for more efficient use of roads and parking spaces, and lowering emissions.

What I’m doing is using the operational data provided by the carshare company to investigate user behaviour of carsharing systems and formulate models to improve the systems. The most challenging part of my research is building the models using realistic data.

At rCITI the researchers are energetic and thoughtful and are always happy to provide help and offer valuable suggestions. Everyone in our group is willing to share ideas and cooperate with each other.