Full Profile - Tuo Mao

Tuo Mao

PhD Candidate
International student from China

Area of Interest: Transport network modelling and optimisation

 Smart traffic management and control is a broad field encompassing a combination of computer science and transport engineering. I am particularly interested in it because it offers opportunities to feed my interests in both subjects.

My PhD research is currently looking at transport network modelling and optimisation, which is a topic which certainly has some basis in everyday life. I believe by conducting quality research one day I may contribute to a commercial product which will lead to a better transport system.

I chose UNSW because it is the top engineering university in Australia. It also has its own research and innovation center in transport (rCITI) which facilitates a strong relationship between research and application in the real world. Coming to UNSW was a great choice – I am surrounded by other students and academics who are interested in the same things I am. The environment is supportive and encouraging in every aspect.