Full Profile - Xiang Zhang

Xiang Zhang 

PhD Candidate
International student from  China

Area of Interest: Transport Modelling, Network Design Problem, System Optimization and Traffic Safety

Since childhood, I have dreamed of being an expert in transport engineering, making our transport system safer, faster, more comfortable and more environmentally friendly. So, after graduating from high school I studied Transportation Engineering in Southeast University, China and then followed that with a postgraduate program majoring in Transportation Planning and Management. It was logical to continue this research area in my PhD study.

I chose UNSW because it boasts the outstanding Research Centre for Integrated Transport Innovation (rCITI). Many members of rCITI are specialists in transport system analysis and optimisation, which fit perfectly with my research interests. I am delighted to have the opportunity to advance my knowledge, perspective, and intellectual maturity, and one day I hope to use what I learn to contribute to the discipline and realise my career ambition.

Currently, I am studying transportation network design problems to do with the environment, equity and unpredictability. I believe that the interaction between network users (travellers) and planning policies (by planners) should be given more emphasis and that we should explore such relationships in depth so we can make smart and economical transport planning.

At UNSW I have multiple opportunities to communicate and collaborate with my two supervisors and other research students in our group. In addition, there are many platforms for brainstorming and sharing ideas including seminars and journal clubs.