Research Centre for Integrated Transport Innovation (rCITI)

Our Mission

To become a world-leading organization in integrated interdisciplinary transport research and development.

To pursue this mission, rCITI works with industry and government to investigate sustainable approaches to transport infrastructure and operations. These activities are built around five core research pillars, each with its own unique aim: 


Transport planning
To reshape the nature of integrated transport policy, planning, optimization, financing, delivery and real-time management. 



ITS Communications 
 To improve the safety, efficiency and reliability of the transport system via the introduction of novel communication methods and technologies to enhance cooperative ITS by  connecting the diverse range of transport elements (eg. Travellers, vehicles, signal controls,  bridges, roads, ramps and system operators).


  To develop new materials, techniques and mathematical engineering tools which permit the enhancement of infrastructure construction, maintenance, management and rehabilitation. 


 To develop new transformative technologies and techniques to deliver, alter and utilize energy/fuel more efficiently in the transport system.


Computational Sustainability
To develop computational tools for assessing sustainable approaches to transport management and operations that simultaneously consider technical, social, environmental and economic aspects.