Our Team

The rCITI Team

The Research Centre for integrated Transport Innovation (rCITI) is not just a research centre, it is a team working towards a common goal of becoming a world-leading organisation in integrated interdisciplinary transport research and development, that  shapes the global research field of integrated transport systems and works towards attaining safe, efficient and sustainable transport for society.  

Not only do we have some of the prominent transport research academics from around the world, we also boast a force of emerging talent. rCITI hosts a number of visiting researchers who contribute a large part to enriching the quality of our team.

Researchers at rCITI are continually searching for new opportunities for collaboration so they can transform some of their amazing research into usable tools and solutions.  

rCITI academics write (or contribute to) important literature, text books, publication and practical documents that are used in teaching and shaping the way industry approaches challenges in transport.

To find out more about the rCITI team, visit our staff directory to see a list of our core staffa list of visiting researchers and a list of people/organisations we collaborate with.