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Previous Students

Year Name Title Program Supervisor
2014,S1-2017,S2 Xiang Zhang Transport modelling PhD D Rey (S),
ST Waller (S)
 2015,S1-2017,S2 Bozhezi (Max) Peng Market Uptake of a New Mobility Option in Sydney Metropolitan Area: A Stated Choice Study on Motorcycle Taxis  Masters by Coursework T Hossein Rashidi(S)
 2017,S1-2017,S2 Joseph Babana Route choice behaviour for pedestrians Honours T Hossein Rashidi(S)
 2017,S1-2017,S2 Ingrid Bissaker Novel, social media sources for transportation data Honours  E Moylan (S) S Jian (S)
 2017,S1-2017,S2 Ming En Chin Logistics in humanitarian emergency operations  Honours  H Grzybowska (S)
2017,S1-2017,S2 Joshua Gunawan Incorporating accessibility in the estimation of traffic generation rates Honours  K Wijayaratna (S)
2017,S1-2017,S2 Ahsan Mohammad Haider Redesigning roadway infrastructure for mixed autonomous and non-autonomous traffic Honours  K Wijayaratna (S)
2017,S1-2017,S2 Phoebe Ho Calibration of Traffic Models to Incidents Honours  V Dixit (S)
2017,S1-2017,S2 Wendy Hu Conflict resolution in air traffic control Honours  D Rey (S)
2017,S1-2017,S2 Alexander Humphry Autonomous intersection markets Honours  V Dixit (S)
2017,S1-2017,S2 Callum  Mayhook Benefits of Multimodal Signal Optimisation through Application of a Genetic Algorithm to a Single Intersection Microsimulation Honours   E Moylan (S), S Jian (S)
2017,S1-2017,S2 Mayuran Somalingam Urban High Speed Rail in Greater Western Sydney Honours   T Hossein Rashidi(S) 
U Vandebona(c)
2017,S1-2017,S2 Luis Soto Vargas   Honours   M Ghasrikhouzani(S)
2017,S1-2017,S2 Sophie Zachulski Crowd-sourced data for disaster analytics: A study of road network resiliency Honours   V Dixit (S), D Nair (S)
2017,S1-2017,S2  Jarita Zeng Transport reliability: Its role in commuter decision making Honours   K Wijayaratna (S)
2017,S1-2017,S2  Karen Zhong Unbundled parking - impact on travel behaviour Honours   K Wijayaratna (S) 
2017,S1-2017,S2  William Zhou Assessing the impacts of base model parameters on network performance metrics in AIMSUN Honours   K Wijayaratna (S)
2017,S1-2017,S2  Aleksa Zlojutro  Network based modelling for predicting the spread of disease through global transport systems Honours   D Rey (S) L Gardner (c)
Nathan Chen Multilayer network approach to modelling transportation networks PhD V Dixit (S), 
L Gardner (S)
D Rey (C)
Siavash Shahsavairipur Developing freight logistic plan and optimized transport network system PhD ST Waller (S),
T Hossein Rashidi
D Rey (C)
Buddhini Wagasooriya Pricing natural disaster risk PhD V Dixit (S),
T Hossein Rashidi (C)
2016,S2-2017,S1 Ming En Chin    Logistics in humanitarian emergency operations Taste of Research H Grzybowska (S)
ST Waller (S)
2016,S2-2017,S1 Catherine Duong The Impact of Technology on Pedestrian Safety Taste of Research ST Waller (S)
K Wijayaratna 
2016,S2-2017,S1 Linzhi Huang  Workforce Scheduling and Routing Problem Taste of Research H Grzybowska (S)
ST Waller (S)
2016,S2-2017,S1 Matthew Chen   Elite V Dixit (S)
K Wijayaratna (S)
2016,S1-2017,S1 Tat Wang (KevinWong Study of Route Choice Behavior in Autonomous Vehicles Honours V Dixit (S)
2013,S2-2017,S1 Alireza Ahmadian Fard Fini Predicting delay and minimizing its impact in construction context PhD A Akbar Nezhad (S)
T Hossein Rashidi(S)
ST Waller (S)
2013,S1-2017,S1 David Arbis Delay gratification in safety compliance amongst travellers PhdD V Dixit (S)
T Hossein Rashidi(S)
2013,S2-2017,S1 Ahmed Hammad Multi-Objective Optimisation PhD A Akbar Nezhad (S),
S Davis (C)
D Rey (C)
2014,S1-2017,S1 Divya Jayakumar Nair Logistics Of Surplus Food Rescue And Distribution PhD  V Dixit (S)
T Hossein Rashidi(S)
2013,S2-2017,S1 Sisi Jian Network modelling PhD  V Dixit (S)
ST Waller (S)
2014,S1-2017,S1 Tuo Mao Transport network modelling and optimisation PhD  V Dixit (S)
L Gardner (S)
Chen Chai (C)
2013,S1-2017,S1 Alex Karki Parking Optimization Masters by Research V Dixit (S),
T Hossein Rashidi(S), 
D Rey (C)
2017 Flavien Gilles   Practicum from France V Dixit (S)
2017 Aditya Paul   Practicum from India D Rey (S)
2013,S2-2016,S2 Tao Wen Transport network modelling PhD L Gardner (S),
ST Waller (S)
Chen Chai (C)
2016 Anjali Goyal   Practicum from India  V Dixit (S)
2016, S1-2016, S2 Ahmed Sabah Al Nahian Urban Goods Movement Data Collection and Modelling with a focus on Professional Services industry Honours T Hossein Rashidi(S)
2016, S1-2016, S2 Xue Sun Light rail Transport Operation analysis Honours U Vandebona (S)
2016, S1--2016,S2 Navreet Virdi  Modeling the impact of mixed vehicles in networks using microsimulation Honours  D Rey (S)
H Gryzbowska 
2016, S1-2016, S2 Alexander Craig Warren Analysing and quantifying the effect of construction works on local traffic systems Honours  V Dixit (S)
2016, S1-2016, S2 Tat Wang Wong Public Transport System Analysis Honours  U Vandebona (S)
2016, S1-2016, S2 Kevin Wu Evaluation of Network Capacity for Urban Networks Honours  V Dixit (S)
2016, S1-2016, S2 Wendy Yung Computable General Equilibrium Modelling for sustainable Transport system Honours  L Gardner (S)
2016, S1-2016, S2 Jack Mort Logistics in the Food Rescue Industry Honours L Gardner (S)
H Grzybowska (S)
2015, S1-2016,S1  Michael Babbage Resiliency of Transport Networks Honours V Dixit (S)
2015, S1-2016,S1 Grace Alliyah Carpp Flood risk and impact on transport infrastructure Honours V Dixit (S)
2016, S1-2016,S1 Charmaine Ying-Wah Joe Real Time Travel Time for Motorways and Motorway Corridors Honours ST Waller (S)
D Rey (S)
2015, S1-2016,S1 Yuqi Wang Waterside Development: Pedestrian and Cycle Facility Design Honours U Vandebona (S)
2014,S1-2015, S1
David Anthony Carey Shared spaces and the relationship between traffic and pedestrians Masters by Research T Hossein Rashidi(S),
ST Waller (S)
2014,S1-2015, S2 Yi Zheng  Travel Time Reliability And Land Use Masters by Coursework V Dixit (S)
E Moylan
S2013, S2- 2016,S1 PinZhang Wan Establishing a Destination Choice Model To Integrate A Disaggregate Random Forest Model Masters by Coursework T Hossein Rashidi(S),
2014, S1-2016,S1 Kiran Shakeel Mode Choice Behaviour Modelling With Adaptive Data Collection Method Masters by Research T Hossein Rashidi(S),
ST Waller (S)
2012,S2-2016,S1  Kasun Pradeepa Wijayaratna Modelling Disrupted Transport Network Behaviour PhD V Dixit (S),
ST Waller (S)
2015, S2 Júlia Muniz de Miranda Sá Using Real Travel Time for Solving Concrete Delivery Dispatching Problem Exchange from Brazil Mojtaba Maghrebi (S)
2015, S2 Luiza Ribeiro Marques Linking Procurement Process with Building Information Modelling Exchange from Brazil Mojtaba Maghrebi (S)
2015, S1-2015,S2 Gregory Aouad

Collision Prediction Modelling Of The M2

Honours  V Dixit (S)
2015, S1-2015,S2 Jonathan Chan Dynamic Traffic Assignment Modelling and Evaluation Honours  L Gardner (S)
H Gryzbowska (C)
2015, S1-2015,S2 John Duong

Data Collection And Analysis Of Goods Movement With A Focus On Courier Movement

Honours  T Hossein Rashidi(S)
2015, S1-2015,S2 Sarah Hayes

Transportation Modelling And Optimisation

Honours  L Gardner (S)
2015, S1-2015,S2  Rachel Kohan

Investigating The Relationship Between Higher Order Travel Time Distributions And Land Use Characteristics Across The Bay Area In San Francisco

Honours  E Moylan (S)
2015, S1-2015,S2  Jessica Lam

Refinement Of Carbon Based Sustainability Metric For Use In The Land Use & Transport Scenario Assessment Model

Honours  K Doust (S)
M Duell (c)
2015, S1-2015,S2  Kenneth Lam

Disruptions & Travel Time: An Empirical Investigation Of The Impact Of Incident Crashes On Traffic Flow

Honours   V Dixit (S)
2015, S1-2015,S2  Hoi Shan Leung Implications of Parking Policy on Traffic Flow within Urban Environments Honours   U Vandebona (S)
2015, S1-2015,S2  Lukas Labutis Dynamic User Equilibrium with Recourse Honours   ST Waller (S)
2015, S1-2015,S2  Tony Ly

Disruptions & Travel Time: An Empirical Investigation Of The Impact Of Incident Crashes On Traffic Flow

Honours   T Hossein Rashidi(S)
2015, S1-2015,S2  Rahul Prasad Crash Control Automatic Braking System Honours   V Dixit (S)
Z Xiong(C)
2015, S1-2015,S2  Amarin Siripanich

Studying Logistics And Supply Chain Of Retailers In Sydney Metro Area

Honours   T Hossein Rashidi(S)
2015, S1-2015,S2 Brian So Social Network Analysis Honours  L Gardner (S)
2015, S1-2015,S2 Jessica Szeto Improving pedestrian links and services through the concept of non-statutory Shared Zones Honours  U Vandebona (S)
2015, S1-2015,S2 Hannah Vickers Driving in a simulated environment Honours  SMost (S),
V Dixit (S), 
Z Xiong(C)
2015, S1-2015,S2 Jean Vo Major Event Transport Data Collection and Modelling Honours   E Moylan (S)
2015, S1-2015,S2 Zachary Buggy To determine a suitable method for measuring what the real friction for a Cat793D haul truck is on essentially loose material at Prominent Hill Honours  F Suorineni (S)
Z Xiong(C)
 2015,S1 Ashwin Agrawal    Practicum from India V Dixit (S)
2013,S2-2014,S1 Rico Krüger  Adoption of Shared Autonomous Vehicle Services – A Hybrid Choice Modelling Approach based on a Stated Choice Survey Exchange Student
Masters by Research
T Hossein Rashidi(S)
2013,S2-2014,S1  Rizky Junirman   Zero-Inflated Negative Binomial Regression Model: Accident Frequency Estimation at North Coast Corridor Road (Central Java - Indonesia) Masters by Coursework V Dixit (S)
2013,S2-2014,S1  Arief Rizaldi Predicting Casualty-Accident Count by Highway Design Standards Compliance, Study Case: East Java North Corridor Network - Indonesia Masters by Coursework V Dixit (S)
2011,S2-2015,S1 Melissa Duell Strategic traffic assignment: methods of modelling day-to-day flow volatility. PhD  L Gardner (S),
ST Waller (S)
-2014, S2
Mojtaba Maghrebi Using machine learning to automatically plan concrete delivery dispatching PhD ST Waller (S), 
C Sammut (S)
 2014 Thomas Bleasdale The Implementation Of The Work-Zone Impacts And Strategies Evaluation Tool On The Sydney Network Honours V Dixit, Z Xiong(c)
2014 Richard Cornwell Modelling the Arrival of Introduced Marine Pests via the Global Shipping Network Honours R Cox, L Gardner
2014  Jarrah Duckhs Road Asset Management Honours V Dixit
2014  Lukas Godbout Understanding the Social Contact Network Structure of the UNSW Student Population Honours L Gardner
2014  Myles Harris-Ayling Ant Colony Algorithm Optimisation for Urban Rail Network Design Honours U Vandebona
2014  Yanni Huang Maritime Transport Modelling Honours L Gardner
2014  Jackie Guan-Chen Liang Modelling Risk Aversion and Risk Perception in Microscopic and Macroscopic Driving Behaviour Honours V Dixit
2014  Bahman Mehrpour Analysis of Delay and Demand for Goods and Service Vehicle Parking Facilities on the UNSW campus Honours T Hossein Rashidi
2014  Kelly Tang Social Network Analysis and SIR Modelling: A Case Study of the University of New South Wales  Honours L Gardner
2014  Tien Thanh Tran Data Collection and Analysis of Urban Goods Movement Within Sydney Honours T Hossein Rashidi
2014,S1 Michael Levin   Visiting Student ST Waller
2014,S2 Kelly Bertolaccini   Visiting Student ST Waller
2014,S1 Basu Rounaq   Practicuum Student ST Waller,
T Hossein Rashidi
2008-2014,S1 Md Kamurl Islam Stochastic modelling for evaluation of impacts of headway variability on public transit performance PhD U Vandebona(S)
V Dixit (C)
2009-2013 Bipul Sen (CSE) Exploiting MAC-layer Cooperative Retransmission in Wireless Mesh Networks. PhD S Jha (S),
L Libman (S)
 2012-2013 Asif Hassan Evaluating Risk Attitudes and Subjective Beliefs of Taxi Drivers from a Field Experiment.
(Completed 2013,S1)
Masters by Coursework (Specialisation) (Ext) V Dixit (S)
 2013 Xun Li   Masters by Coursework (Specialisation) V Dixit (S),
ST Waller(S)
2013 Haiyang Liu   Practicum ST Waller (S),
V Dixit (S)
2013 Richard Banzon Ridership Analysis of the CBD and South East Light Rail Project. Honours T Hossein Rashidi (S),
ST Waller (C)
2013 Nan Chen The Optimal Locations for Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles in a Network. Honours ST Waller (S),
L Gardner (S)
2013 George Dunstan Scenario Based Algorithm in Stochastic Time Dependent Networks. Honours V Dixit (S)
2013 Edwin Gunawan The Relationship Between Transportation, Build environment, and General Health. Honours L Gardner (S)
2013 Sunny Gunawan Development of an Instrumented Vehicle. Honours V Dixit (S),
Z Xiong (C)
2013 Jiyang Guo Understanding traffic flow characteristics of bicycle facilities. Honours V Dixit (S)
2013 Aaron Hargraves A Feasibility Study into the use of String Transport Systems for Passenger Rail in New South Wales. Honours U Vandebona (S)
2013 Trevor Hyland The Correlation Between Public Transport and Health. Honours L Gardner (S)
2013 Christopher Mavromoustakos Traffic Investigation of the Metroroad 5 of Sydney: Dynamic Lane Management Modelling in PTV VISSIM. Honours V Dixit (S),
ST Waller (S)
2013 Aleksandar Minic Traditional and Flexible Carsharing Systems As Traffic Demand Management. Honours V Dixit (S)
2013 Jeremy Smith Preference Towards Public Transit for UNSW Commuters. Honours V Dixit (S),
T Hossein Rashidi (C)
2013 Daniel Suwito Optimisation Model for Roadside Billboard Valuation Using User Equilibrium-Driven Transport Network Data. Honours V Dixit (S)
2013 Rinie Tan Optimising Design of Railway Platforms for Time Efficiency. Honours U Vandebona (S)
2013 John Trieu Use of GPS Data to Determine Value of Travel Time Savings for Motorists in Sydney. Honours V Dixit (S)
2013 Buddhini Wagasooriya Pricing Natural Disaster Risk. Honours V Dixit (S)
2013 Norman Yuwono A Network-Based Risk Assessment Model to Evaluate the Risk Posed by International Air Travel in Importing Dengue into Australia. Honours L Gardner (S)
2012 Tao Wen   Masters by Research ST Waller
L Gardner
2012 Jennifer Drummond  Analysis of Rail Infrastructure Projects to Reduce Passenger Delay Honours ST Waller
L Gardner
2012 Geethaka Fernando Parking Advisory Systems Honours U Vandebona
2012 Kristian Miller The Realignment of the Tarana Section of the NSW Main Western Railway Line Honours U Vandebona
2012 Asith Nagodavithane Design Proposal of Economical Integrated Bus Systems to Improve Sydney’s Public Transport and Roads Honours U Vandebona
2012 Edward Robson Consumer Benefit Model for Developing Public Transport Networks Honours U Vandebona
2012 Kian Seng Tay Evaluation of Roundabout Capacity using the Average Circulating Flow Honours V Dixit
2012 Veronica Ung Reliability and On-Time Performance of Buses in Sydney Honours U Vandebona
2012 Peter Waddington Spatial Modelling of Electric Vehicle Uptake in the Greater Sydney Area Honours ST Waller
L Gardner
2012 Manod Wickramasinghe Emergency Transport Systems in the Balmain Peninsula Honours U Vandebona
2012 Tianqi Zhai Randwick Hospitals Travel Characteristics and Car Parking Demand Study - A Project Case Study Honours ST Waller
V Dixit