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Profile - Alireza Ahmadian Fard Fini

Alireza Ahmadian Fard Fini

After ten years working on large-scale construction projects Alireza decided there had to be a better way. He is doing his PhD looking at how to apply new theories and innovations to improve the efficiency of the construction industry.

Profile - David Arbis

Profile - David Arbis

David Arbis has taken his fascination with human behaviour to the next level, doing his PhD in the effects of behaviour on systems of traffic and transportation, particularly with regards to safety.   He recently presented his ideas at a conference in Washington D.C.

Profile - Milad Ghasrikhouzani

Milad Ghasrikhouzani

After a year studying as an undergraduate civil engineering student, Milad Ghasrikhouzani discovered transport engineering and was hooked. Now a PhD student, he is completely driven by how modelling short and long term decision of individuals can be applied to transport policy assessment in order to provide better transport infrastructure.

Profile - Sisi Jian

Sisi Jian

Sisi Jian is studying the idea of ‘carshare’ and its impact on urban mobility. She’s using data to try to improve the ‘carshare’ model to make it more accessible to more people. This is part of a broader traffic strategy that is aimed at improving our quality of life through better transport.

Profile - Tuo Mao

Tuo Mao

Tuo Mao was drawn to smart traffic management and control because it is a broad field encompassing a combination of computer science and transport engineering. He is currently undertaking his PhD in transport network modelling and optimisation and hopes his research will contribute to a better transport system for everyone.

Student Profiles

Profile - Asif Hassan

Asif Hassan

Communication systems are improving rapidly, and most drivers use their mobile phones in the transport space for numerous purposes. However when Asif Hassan’s friend was almost killed in a head-on collision because he was using his mobile phone, he was inspired to understand more.

Profile - Edward Robson

Edward Robson

All his life Ted Robson loved building things, spending countless hours playing with lego, drawing maps and planning cities in SimCity. After studying Engineering and Commerce with designs on being a Transport Planner, Ted started working in the field, and soon realised he needed more theory to back up his ideas. Since then he has begun his PhD and hasn’t looked back.

Profile - Xiang Zhang

Xiang Zhang

Since he was a child, Xiang Zhang dreamt of being an expert in transport engineering – so after undergraduate and postgraduate study in transport in China, he has landed at UNSW to do his PhD. He is looking at transportation network design problems to do with the environment, equity and unpredictability.

Profile - Mohana Naga Sai Chand Chakka

Sai Chand

From as far back as he can remember, Sai was fascinated by the transport system in India. So a PhD in transport came as no shock to his family. He chose UNSW Australia because of the dedicated transport research centre (rCITI) where he surrounds himself with like-minded transport innovators.

Profile - Mohammad Nurul Hassan

Mohammad Nurul Hassan

After working for seven years as a transport professional and researcher at the United Arab Emirates University, Hassan decided to pursue a PhD in Transport. He discovered the dedicated transport group rCITI at UNSW School of Civil and Environmental Engineering and decided to apply.  

Student Profiles

Profile - Abdulmajeed Alsultan

Abdulmajeed Alsultan

Abdulmajeed is using transport modelling software to understand problems like traffic congestion, pollution, and high accident rates. He plans to use the skills and knowledge he gains through his PhD to contribute to improvements in the transport system in his home country, Saudi Arabia. 

Profile - Divya Jayakumar Nair

Divya Jayakumar Nair

With thousands of tons of fresh food thrown into landfill each year by the food industry, Divya Nair is dedicating herself to ironing out the logistical risks and uncertainties in the complex process food rescue and redistribution. Her research is set to make a real difference in many areas.

Profile - Kasun Wijayaratna

Kasun Wijayaratna

Most existing traffic models are based on normal traffic conditions. Recognising this, Kasun Wijayaratna has decided to get a better understanding of driver behaviour in disrupted conditions – such as an accident, a breakdown or flooding – and integrate his finding into existing traffic models.

Profile - Neeraj Saxena

Neeraj Saxena

Neeraj Saxena loves the challenge of applying mathematics and statistics to real world issues – like influencing how transport systems impact the economic growth of a city. His research at rCITI is looking at modelling efficient and sustainable transport systems.

Profile - Seul Ki Lee

Seul Ki Lee

Every year, 1.24 million people die on the roads, and 50 million are injured. Despite the increase in vehicle safety and communication systems, after having been in several road incidents himself, Seul Ki Lee decided to explore the reasons for these horrific statistics through a PhD at rCITI. 

Student Profiles

Profile - Xun Li

Xun Li

Transport affects everyone’s daily life, so transportation planners and system operators need to consider the issues of equity carefully when they make decisions. However equity in transport is under-researched. Recognising this, Xun Li is focusing his PhD research on equity issues in transportation systems.

Profile - Kiran Shakeel

Kiran Shakeel

Kiran Shakeel completed her BE in Civil Engineering overseas then worked for more than four years in a transportation and engineering department. Later she decided to do further study in novel methods of managing the traffic demand on road networks, so applied to UNSW to do her Masters by Research.

Profile - Alex Karki

Alex Karki

Traffic Engineer, Alex Karki never thought he would be back at UNSW again after his undergraduate degree, but when the university established a world class research centre in traffic engineering (rCITI) he was determined to fill in the research gaps in  the parking and traffic issues faced by local government.