Steering Committee

The rCITI Steering Committee

The rCITI Steering Committee exists to oversee and monitor the progress of the centre. Meeting at various times throughout the year, the committee works with the Director providing guidance to help rCITI achieve its mission to becoming a world-leading organisation in integrated interdisciplinary transport research and development.

Members of the committee are drawn from across the university and from industry. The rCITI Steering Committee members for 2017 include:

  • Professor S. Travis Waller
    Advisian Professor of Transport Innovation and
    Director, Research Centre for Integrated Transport Innovation (rCITI)
  • Ms Maria Lee
    Centre Manager


 2015 Steering Committee

Photo above (2015)
L-R:Vinayak Dixit (Deputy Director, rCITI), Chris Raine (external Consultant), Maurice Pannucco (Head of School, CSE), Mark Hoffman (Dean, Engineering), S. Travis Waller (Director, rCITI), Glenn Geers (NICTA), Miranda Hall (representing Ian McIntyre from Advisian), Stephen Foster (Head of School, CVEN).