TfNSW - Application 1

Application 1 – New Methods for Corridor-level Real-time Travel Time Prediction

Application 1 is focused on the short-term real-time prediction of corridor travel times using an explicit traffic flow model within the forecasting process. This allows researchers to produce information to aid travellers and help in real-time management of traffic conditions (including incident management).

The objective is to develop a three-stage travel time prediction software named PreTravel which in corporates three stages:

1.       Statistical Model for Flow Prediction at the Entry Point
2.       Traffic Flow Simulation for Flow Prediction at the Exit Point
3.       Travel Time Extraction by N-Curve Analysis

There are two specific case studies proposed: first, the focus will be on real-time prediction of traffic conditions on the M4 motorway in Sydney and second the Harbour Bridge test bed will employ the capabilities of the methodology for evaluating what-if scenarios in real-time.  PreTravel will be run under varying lane scenarios and results presented to the Traffic Management Centre staff to support decisions regarding traffic direction.