TfNSW - Application 2

Application 2 – Developing a Regional Dynamic Network Model for Planning

Application 2 aims to create a comprehensive dynamic model for the region which allows for consistent project impact evaluation of those projects not requiring microscopic-level representation but still needing time-dependent congestion modelling such as during special events.

While numerous scenarios exist within special event evaluation, many scenarios relate to modifications in local travel demand and network usage. The developed models characterise precise dynamic demand levels simultaneously with network and control alterations while maintaining network route choice.

Application 2 develops dynamic regional modelling tools to assist transport planning in large scale networks. The novelty of the approach lies in the incorporation of traffic dynamics into regional travel choice on the scale of the Sydney regional area. In the context of performance of a metropolitan area network, with highly time-dependent congestion formation, dissipation and shockwave progression, the insight into the mechanics of routing choices are of particular interest.

The current dynamic network modelling approach is differentiated from existing approaches because the methodology focuses on the regional system, as opposed to separate aspects. This holistic consideration of the network captures the complex interactions between traffic behaviours and route choice from the perspective of the entire network.